July 11th Workshop Exhibiting Vendors

Learn more about the Vendors in the Baltimore area who are helping address food waste. Some offer services, some products, and some are non-profit partners that can help your foodservice operation get excess food to the people and animals who need it. 

BioHiTech Global

Sustainable, cost-effective waste disposal solutions using smart technology to eliminate food waste from landfills, state-of-the-art facilities to process recyclables, and waste-to-fuel facilities to convert municipal solid waste into an EPA recognized Solid Recovered Fuel.

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Cureate Connect

Cureate Connect is your one-stop local procurement solution where we match industry Buyers with local, food & beverage entrepreneurs' products for your wholesale, retail, event or catering opportunities.

Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions

Franchise for Filta Environmental Kitchen Solution/ J&L Bishop, Inc. We focus on comprehensive Fryer management, including recycling of cooking oil.


Looking for a logistical solution to your excess food? Need to move food out of your facility immediately? FoodBridge has created an automated system to reach your local non-profits in need of food. 


Leveraging cutting-edge technology, powerful data science, and a proven Culinary Team Empowerment Program, LeanPath helps organizations understand exactly how and why food is being wasted, then take decisive action to achieve real, measurable results..

Maryland Environmental Service

Composting food and yard residuals at Prince George's County Organics Composting Facility. 

Maryland Food Bank

The Maryland Food Bank is a nonprofit hunger-relief organization, serving as the leading anti-hunger organization in the movement to end hunger in Maryland. For more than 35 years, the Maryland Food Bank has partnered with communities across the state to distribute food to individuals and families in need. Through carefully crafted programs, the food bank aims to meet the immediate needs of Marylanders while simultaneously working to find long-term ways to reduce hunger statewide. Currently distributing more than 102,000 meals per day — more than 37 million meals annually — the Maryland Food Bank will continue to expand its efforts until hunger ends.

MEANS Database 

MEANS was started with the belief it should be easy for those with excess food to share it with those in need. It didn’t take long to find people who agreed – everyone from Starbucks to The Washington Post. MEANS is now in 48 states and counting, helping divert food from the trash to local emergency feeding services with the ease and speed of the internet.

ORCA Technology

The ORCA technology replaces traditional truck and bin collection systems and enables you to recycle food waste onsite. It turns food waste into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the municipal sewage system. The technology is compact, odorless, efficient and significantly less expensive because it takes trucking and tipping fees out of the process. 

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Reduction In Motion

We are a sustainability consulting firm that specializes in waste diversion and waste flow strategies for companies of all sizes. Our award-winning programs help businesses reduce the environmental and financial impacts associated with generating trash. We provide on and off-site support to help fill a void of time, energy, and knowledge in the field of Sustainability for our clients. If you’re ever in need of support with your waste and recycling journey or just want to talk a little trash, give us a call....... 410-877-1593

ReGreen Organics

ReGreen Organics employs technology that is based upon the need for “Zero Waste” programs that are both beneficial and sustainable to hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, municipalities, communities, businesses, and to our environment, virtually anywhere that waste is generated. The patented technology processes all types of organic waste in minutes into bacteria-free, highly nutrient-rich solid and liquid byproducts, that are odor free. ReGreen machines are scalable to handle ½ to 42 tons/hour and are easy to operate. With the ability to process organic or inorganic material separately or together, we believe that our technology is by far the most universally efficient and economically feasible technology out there today.

Waste Neutral

Solutions for recycling food waste into compost for commercial dining operations